About Us

Lux n Lav is a women's clothing shop that offers a very unique, handpicked variety of women's clothing and accessories.


Our crazy incredible journey!

Lux n Lav opened its doors June 2014 in Rocklin, California.  With my first baby on the way, the support of my loving husband and family, and my love for fashion, I had to go for a once in a lifetime opportunity to open a women's clothing shop in my hometown.


I've always loved shopping with my mom and being able to find cute clothes together at one place. So I was determined to create a place where it was possible to have women of all ages [Mother's + Daughters, Grandmas + Granddaughters] shop together and find cute clothes that get them excited about life!

We will do our best to continuously find new styles weekly so you can easily shop your heart out- we promise your secret is safe with us!

Lux n Lav couldn't be possible without the support + love of my Family and You!


-Thank you for shopping with us